"The Ruta Beggars are an outstanding young band, fostering the traditions of the music and fearlessly expanding its boundaries. Exceptional vocalists and instrumentalists, the acoustic world is enriched by their presence. I can’t wait to hear what is in store for them and I hope to run into them at a show somewhere soon!"

~ Stephen "Mojo" Mougin

owner/operator Dark Shadow Recording

Guitar/Vocalist with the Sam Bush Band

"Lettuce speak now of the Ruta Beggars. These up and comers have a fine, fresh sound, rooted in swing, bluegrass and beyond. They’re not your garden variety, so to speak, band, because they take unexpected turns that put a smile on your face and a carrot in the patch. Whether burning on a Tex Logan fiddle tune or blending sweetly on a chordally expansive tune, these Beggars can’t be beet."

~ Tony Trischka

IBMA Banjo Player of the Year

Album of the Year

Collaborative Recording of the Year

Instrumental Recording of the Year

Grammy Nominee

"It was so much fun getting to work with The Ruta Beggars on Ever-Changing! They really stepped up to the plate and delivered in the studio. Their youthful energy translated into an exuberant recording delivered with precision. You're sure to enjoy it if you like bluegrass with diverse and modern influences."

~ Justin Moses

IBMA Resophonic Guitar Player of the Year 

Album of the Year recipient (Wheels) 

and nominee (Fall Like Rain)

Grammy nominee 

"The more I see your stuff, the better you guys sound. It is my professional opinion that you are a main stage act. I think you are qualified to play the big stage on most any festival out there. Your music is great and so is your stage presence. You connect well with the audience and keep the show moving without losing the audience's attention. I have worked with them several times and just seem to get better and more polished all the time." 

~ Rich James

Podunk Bluegrass Music Festival

2010 IBMA Event of the Year

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"I seriously really enjoyed it!! TONS of great ideas and performances. Some really good songs/writing as well." 

~ Jim VanCleve

Fiddler of Appalachian Roadshow

Founding Member of Mountain Heart

Grammy Award Winner & Nominee

IBMA Award Winner & Nominee

"Ever-Changing is a warm, bubbly and certainly “ever-changing” record that offers a classic country and folk essence."

"The Ruta Beggars knows how to compose and perform a pretty ballad, as well as a lively country belter."

"When acoustic guitar and banjo can sizzle just as ferociously as electric guitar in a rock anthem, that really is saying something about the sheer talent of a musical group. "

"breathtakingly-skilled speed demons."

"I’m not somebody who really listens to country music, but The Ruta Beggars is a collective that would certainly give me cause to dip my toe farther into this genre."

"Ever-Changing is an impressive album. There’s no reason to mince words. This is a group of ultra-talented people. Some musicians are skilled instrumentalists, and some musicians are skilled songwriters. The Ruta Beggars is full of musicians who cover both bases. This album is definitely worth your time."

~ Fresh Finds

Bored City

"appeals to those gathered around the fence demarcating traditionalists and progressive bluegrass fans. In addition to a strong core of hard-driving and tasteful replications of a bluegrass performance, they incorporate fiery instrumentals and sweet harmony that supports heartfelt compositions"

"sure tugs at the heart"

"remarkably talented band"

~ Garth Thomas

The Hollywood Digest

"The album has a nice flow to it. It’s an album where you can just sit back and enjoy or easily dance to with someone... You will not want to miss what they can do."

"I was impressed from both a technical and creative perspective."

"It was evident to me that the group are storytellers. I found the lyrics well crafted..."

"You can’t help but appreciate how fast and accurate they can play. That being said, they have a dynamic presence. There are times where they lean into a slower timing where the warmth and emotion of the song boils over.

"The thing that really separates them however are the vocal harmonies. There’s a blend of male and female voices which when combined sound inviting and warm."

~ Heather Savage

Top Buzz Magazine

"the band's talent is evident right off the bat"

"The vocal harmonies were exceptional"

"one heck of knee slapping go [sic] time"

"The band is very much in the pocket and they nail the performances. "

"​The band is full of very talented musicians and this album was very strong from beginning to end. Fans of bluegrass as well as like-minded genres should love this. Take a listen."

~ Matt Jensen

Pitch Perfect


Canadian Television (CTV) Saskatoon, SK (Use this link to watch on their page)

In preparation for our appearance at Northern Lights Bluegrass and Old Time Music Festival in 2019

"The festival began on Thursday with the [Thomas Point] 2019 Showcase Winners, the Ruta Beggars. They won that competition for good reason, as they entertained the crowd from the get-go. Their energy, instrumental expertise, powerful vocals, and remarkable creativity set a great tone for the rest of the festival."

~Dale and Darcy Cahill

Bluegrass Today

Interview with IMBA Broadcaster of the Year, Steve Martin of Unreal Bluegrass, following our performance with Tony Trischka at Grey Fox 2018

Sounds of Berklee, a podcast produced by the College faculty all about the creation of our swing song, The Trains Don't Run No More (In Boston)

The Ruta BeggarsWapakoneta Daily News.pdf


At Northern Lights Bluegrass & Old Tyme Music Festival, we taught Intermediate singing, fiddle, and clawhammer banjo courses as well as an advanced masterclass called "Berklee Degree in 3... Days"

Each Ruta Beggar teaches privately with group classes available for some band members through Club Passim's School of Music. Please contact us for more information on instruments and topics we teach.

The Ruta Radio Hour