The Ruta Beggars


Appealing to traditional and progressive acoustic music fans alike, The Ruta Beggars combine bluegrass and early swing to create a timeless act filled with intricate vocal harmonies, fiery instrumentals, and plenty of fun. They have been praised for their creative yet tasteful arrangements and charming performances. Since 2018 they have brought the joy of their live show to audiences across the US and Canada from festival stages to storied folk listening rooms and as support for legacy acts Lyle Lovett and Ricky Skaggs. The Ruta Beggars are 2019 Thomas Point band competition winners, 2023 IBMA official showcasing artists, Freshgrass Foundation commissioned composers, Freshgrass Award finalists, and Skyline Records artists.

Best-of-friends since their inception, The Ruta Beggars are Micah Nicol (guitar), Trevin Nelson (banjo), Noah Harrington (bass), Sam Stage (fiddle), and Jean-Baptiste Cardineau (mandolin), who met through studying in Berklee College of Music's American Roots Program. 

"The Ruta Beggars are an outstanding young band, fostering the traditions of the music and fearlessly expanding its boundaries. Exceptional vocalists and instrumentalists, the acoustic world is enriched by their presence. I can’t wait to hear what is in store for them and I hope to run into them at a show somewhere soon!"

~ Stephen "Mojo" Mougin

owner/operator Dark Shadow Recording

Guitar/Vocalist with the Sam Bush Band

"It was so much fun getting to work with The Ruta Beggars on Ever-Changing! They really stepped up to the plate and delivered in the studio. Their youthful energy translated into an exuberant recording delivered with precision. You're sure to enjoy it if you like bluegrass with diverse and modern influences."

~ Justin Moses

IBMA Resophonic Guitar Player of the Year 

Album of the Year recipient (Wheels) 

and nominee (Fall Like Rain)

Grammy nominee 

"They entertained the crowd from the get-go. Their energy, instrumental expertise, powerful vocals, and remarkable creativity set a great tone for the rest of the festival."

~Dale and Darcy Cahill

Bluegrass Today

"Lettuce speak now of the Ruta Beggars. These up and comers have a fine, fresh sound, rooted in swing, bluegrass and beyond. They’re not your garden variety, so to speak, band, because they take unexpected turns that put a smile on your face and a carrot in the patch. Whether burning on a Tex Logan fiddle tune or blending sweetly on a chordally expansive tune, these Beggars can’t be beet."

~ Tony Trischka

IBMA Banjo Player of the Year

Album of the Year

Collaborative Recording of the Year

Instrumental Recording of the Year

Grammy Nominee

"I seriously really enjoyed it [Ever-Changing]!! TONS of great ideas and performances. Some really good songs/writing as well." 

~ Jim VanCleve

Fiddler of Appalachian Roadshow

Founding Member of Mountain Heart

Grammy Award Winner & Nominee

IBMA Award Winner & Nominee

"The more I see your stuff, the better you guys sound. It is my professional opinion that you are a main stage act. I think you are qualified to play the big stage on most any festival out there. Your music is great and so is your stage presence. You connect well with the audience and keep the show moving without losing the audience's attention. I have worked with them several times and just seem to get better and more polished all the time.

~ Rich James

Podunk Bluegrass Music Festival

2010 IBMA Event of the Year